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Almost made my first appearance since 1988

I planned on attending the Pub Crawl to see everyone...that was until I realized November 28th is a Thursday and that happens to be the night of the week I teach Martial Arts in Dade City.  Well, I have been thinking of all my old friends and look forward to seeing all of you at the next small event...assuming it is a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Falcon power! Da da dada da...lol  See all of you soon.  I'm on Facebook, look me up.

Steve Hunter
Sorry I missed it

That looked like a better party than anything there was in high school.  I wish I could've been there with my beautiful wife, Lisa, however we had something important come up a couple weeks before the reunion.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to getting out on a pub crawl or one of the Happy Hours.  Look forward to seeing some old friends and will definitely be there for the 25th.

If anyone wants to get back in touch you can reach me at jzgator43@yahoo.com.

Jonathan Zimlin

Jonathan Zimlin

Room at the discount rate                 189.00

Reunion ticket in May                           85.00

Spa Pedicure and Manicure a

must have before reunion                    80.00

Buc's Defensive Coordinator 

Monte cheering us on                         PRICELESS                    

Go Tampa Bay Buc's

Go Dunedin Falcons

Kristine Baker

Jeanne,Rebekah and Kim, you are Amazing.  Thank You so much for all of your personal time spent and all of the great effort you put into our twenty year class reunion.  It is because of you three that our class was able to make so many more precious memories.

I am right with you Angie.  I too walked away just not feeling right.  Very sad.  It went by to fast.  It was so great seeing everyone, hearing about all of everyones beautiful children and just finding out what everyone has been up to in life.

I look forward to seeing everyone again real soon(that means all of you that didn't make it)You missed a great celebration with friends.  Twenty years later and we all still party like teenagers, go figure.  PARTY ANIMALS!  I Love You All.

Kristine Baker
Sorry to have missed it!

Looking at the photos it seems you all had a great time. Fleming- you still look so beautiful! Great job reunion committee. Here's hoping for a 25 year:O)

Rosalie (Booth)Michaels
What a blast!!!

That was an amazing reunion and thanks to all who put in so much time and continue to do so!  I don't know about anyone else, but I was a little down when it was all over!!  Sunday was like coming home from camp or vacation.  We definitely needed more time and it's a great idea to continue the party at happy hour events.

Dunedin Falcons Class of 1988...what can we say, we're one of a kind!!  What other class had the Buc's Defensive Coordinator at their reunion???  Thanks to Monte for the speech Friday night.  Go Falcons and Go Bucs!!

See everybody soon!!

Angie Tootle (Avary)
Awesome time!

I'm so glad I decided to attend the reunion and see so many people I've not seen in forever.  What a great time!  Thanks to the Reunion Committee for putting on a fabulous weekend.

Amy Nevrkla Beatty

MAN, I wish I could have been there.  I am still stuck in this trial here in Las Vegas.  But, it sure looks like everyone had a ton of fun.  20 years is far too long...so, many of you look the same, but some looked better (i.e. Wade Nordby with no hair).  I look forward to the Memory book.  Drop me a line if you wanna: schapman@702Law.com 

We gotta rockin' class...it was good to see so many of you in the photos, hope more of you post them for those of us stuck working across the country. 

Scott Chapman

Scott Chapman

Just a quick note to say THANKS to the reunion committee, Jeannie, Rebekah, and Kim, you did a wonderful job.   I wish that I had more time to catch up with everyone (36 hour is not long enough).  It was a great time and I'm looking forward to the 25.

Jenni Webster (peters)
Such fun!

The reunion really was great and I loved seeing so many people that I haven't seen in such a long time.  Thanks to Jeannie, Kim and Rebekah for putting it together for us.  And, thank you Shae for opening up your hotel room for all of us that were not  ready to stop the party.   It was too much fun! 

Laura (Cali) Taylor

Laura Taylor

I have to say the reunion committee did such a wonderful job!!  Thank you so much for all your hard work! 

We definitely still live up to our reputation as the "Party Class"!

I agree that it was too short and I didn't have time to talk to everyone I wanted to or to catch up at length.  I guess it didn't help that things got fuzzy for me near the end of the night!   Oh well, I had fun!   

Looking forward to staying in touch with everyone!

Gretchen Hines Jones
Great Reunion

It was a great Class of '88 reunion.  I'm glad I was able to attend this great event.  It's amazing that it's been 20 years since we all graduated.  Hope to see everyone at the 25 year reunion.   Special thanks to the Reunion committee for arranging this great event.

Dave Bomstein
absolutely fantastic!!

I had such a fabulous time seeing everyone.  I thought that we all looked pretty much better after 20 years, don't you think?  The committee did the most amazing job--thank, thank you!  looking forward to seeing everyone again at the 25th.

Heather (Marcus) Berg
Fabulous Reunion!!!!

My husband and I had such a wonderful time at our Reunion!  HUGE kudos for the Reunion Committee!  Thank you so much for putting together such a great party for us!!!!  Can't wait for the Silver Celebration (25th).  It was so much fun catching up with everyone.  I think we all looked sensational for being "almost 40"!  I am already making plans to attend the Pub Crawl in November.  Looking forward to seeing all of my lovely Falcon friends again!

Kelly Smith Purcell

Kelly Smith Purcell
Class of 88 is RAD (trying to work that 80's word again!)

Loved to see everyone, I forgot how much fun all of you could be. We did have the best parties way back then, so I shouldn't be surprised. 

The reunion committee really delivered--you all were amazing.  How great that Monte toasted the Falcons!  If I ever find my camera, I'll send in the pic.

I'm so glad to get all the contact info, I'd love to see everyone for a 40th birthday bash  (my goodness, are we really going to be 40?)  

Fleming Ford
Longest Married

Too bad I couldn't be there...but I've got Adrian beat!  Married 19 years this past June 10!  Looks like you guys had fun...everyone looks great!

Teresa Walters (Pugh)

Teresa Walters
Loved the Reunion!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a GREAT time at the reunion and loved seeing everyone.  The only problem was that it was too short.  I didn't have enough time to catch up with everyone.  Special thanks to all that helped plan the event, great job!  I would love to say that we'll all see each other soon...but realistically, see ya' all at the 25th Reunion.  Hopefully get an email here and there?

Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross
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