Dunedin High Class of 1988
Favorite High School Memories!
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To post your favorite memory from High School, click on "add your details" on the Classmates page and complete the form.  The following are from the 20 yr reunion - send us anything you would like to update or change and we'll get it posted!


All the different kinds of friends I made and of course our Senior Year was fun, especially graduation. 
-Renae Whitebread

Friday night football games and going to Nationals for cheerleading and my good friends through our 4 years together.
-Dawn Koehler (DK)

Having a absolutely awesome group of friends- that always seemed to have a great time.  High School just flies by when your enjoying it!
-TJ Patruno

Homecoming line/Kick dance by the guys with optional clothing???  Football, going to state, camping trips, party bus at graduation, many nights at the causeway, many days at the beach, Prom night (in a field, in a RV), U2 concert, Mr. Dunedin, all the great times and friends. 
-Fleming Ford

Skipping school to go to Countryside High in Lisa Emersons' Suzuki Samurai and getting caught (not very bright!), Mrs. Whites' economics class and raising a "egg baby" with Larry Nalven.
-Tara Davis ( IB)

Really enjoyed all the fun we had our senior year! We were one wild class.
-Gretchen Hines

Graduation Day!
-Laura Cali

Don Pablos spanish class, El Presidente.  My egg from child development class taken and held for ransom.
-Jeanne Bertke

Not one in particular-just hanging out with Missy, Dave and Ronnie
-Tonia Bowden

My friends, Jennifer Moore, Krissy McCloud, ROTC, and my classic mustang
-Jennifer Ady

Hanging with best friends Dawn Koehler and Tonya Renfroe, cheerleading and football games
-Marcy Valley

Arguing with Mike DeWese about my feature pages in newspaper -by the way, I was right!
-Faye DeLay

Getting my hair cut really short and everyone freaking out about it
-Lana Kubistek

Mrs. Hinkle's health class!!! Cheerleading Nationals road trip with Gerhart... Planning the Halloween camping road trip with Clay... The Fella's telling jokes at lunch (anyone heard from "Two Dogs"!!!). Miami-Dade road trip, Toga's at the Rents, a little Busch and brawl at the Causeway (is Kopp out of the Hospital yet??). Denny's dine and dash (JB)... The Four Horsemen sing the Supremes!!!! High School was good times, start to finish...
-Bryan Dallas (BD, Big "D")

Fotini Lakiotis, Jodi Holloway- "Thenore" Jim driving his jeep in her pool, Dunedin Causeway Friday Nights, Home Football Games, Senior Skip Day.  Crazy friends and saying I'll never make it to 35.  Yahhhh!
-Donald Bressette

Fishing at the causeway on the weekends.
-Michael Cissell (Cecil)

My flinstone like blue Chevette, the causeway, Olivia Newton John flashback-Swimming With Dolphins- Mrs. Cain's Humanities class, my friends Tonia, Dave and Ron, "Run Missy Run", Dave wanting to ride in the trunk,  lots of fun times.
-Missy Jones

-Glen Watson (Sooner,Doc)

McDonalds, around the corner, betting on hockey in Mr. Sellers class, cruisin' the beach with Lauren and Tina, spraying bangs high in the air, acid wash denim anything, tapered & rolled jeans, and of course, the fine eduaction I received from Dunedin High School.
-Tami Brice

Graduating.....Kidding, my time spent with NJROTC unit, it set the stage for my future career choices
-AJ Donadio

Karen walking into my class and starting to talk about me being a witch with a black cat in a glovebox, skipping school to hang out at the causeway with Shannon, while not being able to convince Craig to skip with us.
-Jennifer Alps ( CK, California Kid, Jen Jen)

Multiple parties-hard to pick one in particular
-Steve Kopp (Kopper) 

Playing football and hanging out with everyone
-Joe Mclemore (Big Mac)

Jenni Peters, Renae Whitebread, Michele Boggs, and Julie Graff.  Four people who made high school a blast.  Julie and our "lost journal"  Jenni and our "crazy road trips".  The emergency lane is not "the extra lane" ... You two are still my best friends.
-Kimberly Brasco (Kimmy, Kimmersnaps)

My hair being too long, my MBG that broke down all the time and my favorite rock who remains so today, Def Leppard.
-Kevin Paasch

Partying w/Gerard Devivo, Alex Wald, Bill Strupp and Bill Nebrich partying and what not. High School wasn't as fun for me as it should have been, but I did have my moments!!
-Wade Nordby

Football games and hanging out.
-Kellie Bischoff

Playing baseball.
-John Jolliff

All the drama in cosmetology.  Joined to learn how to cut hair,and got a totally different education.
-Felicia Calderelli

Football Games on Friday Nights, Hanging out on Dunedin Causeway. And 4 years of Spanish With Don Pablo.
-Louie Stavropoulus

So many good times during high school how can you pick one?
-Raymond Maugere

Trips to the beach... ROTC competitions and trips! ROTC helped guide me to my future.
-Jennifer Petitta (Hendrickson)

All the fun times in and out of school!! (Dunedin Causeway!!)
-Tammy Fischer (Glover)

Getting statements in the H.S. Newspaper, past Ms. Cane, that were "illegal"; then getting interviewed by the TV News about newspaper censorship from the Principal; Mr. Brown's sleepy History classes & his RV trips to U of F football games; State Championship Football games; getting sent home from school for wearing a "Belching Penguins" concert t-shirt that said "Draft Beer, Not Me"; weekend, weekday & weekly parties at the beach, at your houses, and where ever else we could cause a rucus...watching the shuttle blow up at school during lunch was pretty insane, too.
-Scott Chapman

-Jenni Peters

All the fun we had in chorus/Drama Dept.  It was a place where we could go, hang out and really fell that we had a place of our "own".
-Shannon Flaherty

-Robert Donovan

Friday night football games and friends- we sure thought we had it all back then!!
-Jennifer Hoover

Leaving school property for BCE work program, and hitting parked car next to me.
-Julie Gagnon

Fabulous friends!  Lots of evenings at Dunedin causeway, football games, pier 60...
-Kimberly Jones

Too many to list out.
-Gus Tsiouklas

Trips taken with ROTC
-Renee Dorsey

Too many to choose from!
-Jason Shaddock

Spending Grad Night at Disneyworld on May 8, 1987 with my now wife, Maria (then Maria Lombardi), when I was a junior and she was a senior (!). We've been together for 21 years since -- through college, graduate school, getting established in the business world, and having two kids -- and we celebrate May 8 as an anniversary that is even more important than our wedding anniversary (since one can't get to the wedding anniversary without the former one!).
-Martin Sabarsky

Freshman year (1986) watching the Challenger outside of Mrs. Whitehead's classroom; Mr. Shaw's drama class; dance troupe; homecoming floats
-Heather Marcus

Dancing to the song "Wipe Out" in front of everyone in the football stands.
-Dawn Davide 

DHS Press with Mrs. Cain, the various Mrs Yates-isms ("blind us with your body on the way out," "you could make coffee nervous"), Mr. Farely's world history class, Mr. Brown's APUSH class, the class trip to Washington DC inI loved participating in the Dance and Tennis Team at Dunedin High! The Dunedin Causeway aways proved to be fun both in the sun and moon light!-Rebecca Weingart1986, dissecting cats in Mr. Williams' class, REM concert with Brian, Olga, and Tracy, and Friday nights at the causeway.
-Mark Panuthos

Falconaires and all of the friends involved with the music program. State competition, Mt. Dew and Twinkies, Milk Duds, Candlelight Processional, Summer mornings and Summer Theater.
-Mark McManus

Mr. Shaw's class
-Daniel McCarthy

Football and the causeway.....good times!!
-Wally Fraddosio

Great times such as road trips, causeway gatherings, parties @ BD's rents, playing baseball, and hanging out with great friends (Clay C., Brian D., Mark D., Rex H., Steve M.& Chip V.)
-Gregg Gerhart

the many diverse groups of people i hung out with, trail mix in cafeteria because eveyone was always on a "diet". Grad Night. Always having to be a good girl because my dad was a police officer. The Hotel bust on prom night and jamming people in my parents station wagon to escape mark fresh's party, unfortunately i was the sober one nominated to be the driver. my best friends Jeanne Bertke(Cody), Lauren Feingold (Zimmerman), and Vicky Kennerly (Adcock) Susan Carnes, (Howard) Beth Schoeppe (Tuecke),Tina Hufford, oh i could go on. i just love people.
-Colleen O'Brien

-James Lehman-Hollingsworth

Great Friends
-Todd Felbinger

Football and the causeway.....good times!!
-Walter Fraddosio

There are too many to write about.
-Michele Donahue

I loved participating in the Dance and Tennis Team at Dunedin High! The Dunedin Causeway aways proved to be fun both in the sun and moon light!
-Rebecca Weingart

Coach Anderson, All the great friends I have so many memories of. Dunedin causeway while everybody was at school doing bookwork. Talent shows. Running from Mrs. Nolan. Football Games. Oh yes and Coach Anderson.
-Christine Baker

Mr. Dunedin Contest, Auto hobby shop, Traveling with Cheerleaders to Texas, class Disney trip.
-Johnny Crump

Being with Friends, Cheerleading and Going to Nationals!
-Robin Love

Cheering at the football and basketball games. Going to Dunedin Causeway and having fun with great friends. Climbing the "bubble" at Dunedin pool and not getting caught.
-Tina Love

Going to the Causeway and Cheerleeding.
-Stacy Stephens

Dance troop competitions, graduation night on the party bus, getting caught skipping school in my parents condo.
-Dawn Wolstein


More to come, so keep checking back.................

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